Radi Shield Anti Radiation Chip


Radishield Anti Radiation Chip (Also includes powerful Neodymium magnet) for Mobile, Laptop, PC, Wifi Routers, Television, etc.

Protects from harmful EMF radiations emitted by electronic devices by up to 99%

Benefits of Radi Shield

1. Powerful Neodymium Magnet regulates BP, Circulation & Sleep Quality

2. Reduces Insomnia & helps to achieve a deep sleep

3. Improves Mood & Energy Levels while reducing stress & Prevents frequent Headaches and Migraines

4. Protects sensitive Ear, Brain & Heart tissue from harmful radiations.

5. Reduces Radiation Exposure (SAR) by 99%

All units are tested by an EMF detector before dispatch.

Made in Certified Labs in India

Deeper & Better Quality Sleep

Protection From Tumors & Cancer

Higher Energy Levels & Mood

Same Chip For All Devices

Our Anti-Radiation chip adjusts and harmonise the EMF radiations emitted by the electronic devices. So they are not harmful to the soft human tissues. All chips are made in certified labs and tested before dispatch

All your electronics like Mobile, Laptop, TV, Wi-Fi Routers & even appliances like AC, Refrigerator, etc emit harmful radiations that are damaging to the soft tissues of human body! 

Our Anti Radiation Chip is certified and we use the best quality materials. This chip is safe for use by Adults, Kids & Elderly people.

The human body has a natural magnetic & electric field. All cells carry a small magnetic charge which gets misbalanced due to our lifestyle and by placing a magnet near your body it helps to bring this balance back to normal. This is one of the best neodymium you can buy online in India

This also helps to cure headaches, arthritis pain, migraines & insomnia

Not to be used by people with pacemakers (safe for people with heart conditions or past operations)


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